Reebok-CCM ceases certain Resistance hockey helmet performance claims

Agreement with Competition Bureau requires Reebok-CCM to donate $475,000 in equipment to charity

December 21, 2015 - OTTAWA, ON - Competition Bureau

As part of a consent agreement reached with the Competition Bureau, Reebok-CCM, a manufacturer of hockey equipment, has agreed to stop making certain performance claims related to the CCM Resistance hockey helmet and similar products. Reebok-CCM has also agreed to make a $475,000 donation of sports equipment to a Canadian charity that supports youth in sports or teams, associations or leagues for underprivileged children or youth hockey players.

Reebok-CCM's advertisements for the CCM Resistance hockey helmet contained words, images and videos that the Bureau concluded created the impression that the helmet would protect players from head injuries such as concussions. Although Reebok-CCM had conducted testing on the helmet prior to making the claims, the Bureau concluded that the testing was not adequate and proper to support the marketing claims.

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