Mexico - The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) of Mexico recovered more than 80 million dollars in favor of consumers in 2009 - figures not reached in the last five years.

In 2009, the Consumer Protection Federal Agency (Profeco, by its initials in Spanish) of Mexico responded to 555,911 consumers throughout their different public mechanisms (the Consumer Telephone service - consumers' Hotline - legal advice and the Commercial Bureau). Thanks to these public services, Profeco helped a total of 1,500 people everyday.

Furthermore, 111,380 complaints were received nationwide from our Regional and Sub-regional offices and our headquarters. Mexico City and other two States were the places with the highest number of complaints received. More than 400 complaints overseas were received, which settlement procedure (dispute resolution) is carried out by the Internet. As a result, it was recovered more than 80 million dollars in favor of consumers.

Moreover, in 2009, 310 complaints were received through the program so called Concilianet and around $ 300,000 USD were recovered in favor of consumers, with a settlement percentage of 96%. This program processes domestic complaints (dispute resolution) through the Internet from the moment of their submission to the settlement of the dispute.

Additionally, 14,857 procedures regarding law infringements were concluded. Thus, more than 36 million dollars in fines were registered. Also, 10 cases related to deceptive advertising were resolved. As a result, more than 100 thousand dollars in fines were imposed on suppliers. In addition, 48 cases of advertising correction were successfully  achieved thanks to the requirement issued by Profeco.

Likewise, the validation and fulfillement of the first Ruling were reached. This is a document issued by Profeco that determines forceable  and certain quantity, the amount of the obligations unfulfilled by suppliers. Its objective is to provide consumers with a valid legal instrument whereby they are in the position to submit their cases before the respective Mexican courts in the case of a supplier refusing to resolve a dispute.

During 2009, 7,311 adhesion contracts were registered before Profeco, mainly from the automotive sector (mandatory contracts) and the security and safety sector (voluntary contracts).

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