The Netherlands - ConsuWijzer sees consumer becoming more assertive

More and more consumers are using ConsuWijzer, the government information desk for consumers, to seek redress. The percentage of consumers who set to work themselves with practical aids, such as example letters for submitting a complaint to a company, has risen by some 50%. During the past six months, a total of 200,000 example letters and information sheets have been used by consumers. The number of visits to compared to the first six months of 2008 has also more than doubled, and currently stands at 2.5 million web visits since starting in October 2006. According to State Secretary of Economic Affairs Frank Heemskerk it is good to see consumers becoming more active and assertive. "As well as tackling companies that ride roughshod over consumer rights, it is important that consumers know and can enforce their rights easily. This keeps companies on their toes and leads to a better service", says Heemskerk.

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