Barbados - Activities and Events of the Fair Trading Commission of Barbados planned for 2010

  • The Consumer Protection Division is about to launch a Consumer Rights Charter entitled Consumer Rights and Responsibilities. The Charter is a collaboration with the Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs, the Office of Public Counsel, and the National Initiative for Service Excellence and the Barbados National Standard Institute.The Charter informs consumers of their rights and responsibilities. For exemple, consumers are reminded that they have a right to be informed, i.e. to be given the facts needed to make an informed decision and to be protected against dishonest or misleading advertising and labelling. However, the charter also informs consumers that they have responsibilities, such as prior to making a purchase to seek as much information as possible including the product's quality, features and the price of competing products.
  • The Commission is currently planning island wide competitions such as quizzes and essay writing for children of primary and secondary level. These competitions will focus on the Consumer Protection Act CAP 326D. Prizes will be awarded to the winning schools and students.
  • The division has re-lauch its educational programme, whereby officers visits businesses and organisation and expound on the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act.