ACM imposes fine on Epic for unfair commercial practices aimed at children in Fortnite game

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has imposed a fine on game developer Epic Games International for using unfair commercial practices aimed at children in its Fortnite game. Companies need to do business with the utmost care, particularly when offering products to children. In its investigation, ACM found that children that played the game could experience pressure in several ways to make purchases, for example by using ads which directly exhort children to make purchases, and by using misleading countdown timers for items on offer. ACM also found that, through various design choices for its offerings in its Item Shop, Epic exploited the vulnerabilities of children. This is in violation of the requirements of professional diligence. ACM has imposed a binding instruction as well as two fines, totaling 1,125,000 euros, on the company.

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