Finnish Consumer Ombudsman's Newsletter 02|2022 published

The second newsletter of 2022 by the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman summarises current events in which the Consumer Ombudsman has intervened in violations of consumer protection.

Topics covered in the newsletter include:

  • Moderation and responsibility needed in a shaky economy
  • The Finnish Con­sumer Om­buds­man in­ter­vened in For­tum’s vague en­vi­ron­men­tal mar­ket­ing: green wash­ing does not lead to “a cleaner world”
  • Elec­tric­ity com­pany Väre did not give up data hub fees – the Con­sumer Om­buds­man filed a group com­plaint
  • The Con­sumer Om­buds­man wishes to rem­edy the scourge of on­line com­merce: the seller can­not can­cel or­ders based on avail­abil­ity is­sues
  • The Con­sumer Om­buds­man pro­poses a cash penalty of EUR 1 mil­lion to Masku Kalus­te­talo for mis­lead­ing dis­count mar­ket­ing
  • The best in­ter­est rate guar­an­tee was one promise too much – Sort­ter com­mit­ted to chang­ing its mar­ket­ing
  • Covid-19 re­ally put the cred­i­tor’s li­a­bil­ity to the test – bank prac­tices should be im­proved
  • Small print and court­ing dur­ing the trial pe­riod – the Con­sumer Om­buds­man called for cor­rec­tions to Vi­tae­Pro’s mar­ket­ing
  • The Con­sumer Om­buds­man in­ter­vened in mis­lead­ing mar­ket­ing and dis­tance sell­ing of the Ruok­aboksi ser­vice: A one-off trial was a per­ma­nent sub­scrip­tion