Finnish Consumer Ombudsman's Newsletter 01|2021 - published

The first newsletter of the year by the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman summarises current events in which the FCCA has intervened in violations of consumer protection.

The newsletter addresses, among other things, the Consumer Ombudsman's negotiations regarding an instant credit class action. As a result, the companies have announced that they agree to the compensation claims of the Consumer Ombudsman, thereby making the bringing of the matter before a court in the form of a class action unnecessary. The total amount of the compensations is more than EUR 1 million, and the Consumer Ombudsman will monitor their payment.

Other topics covered in the newsletter include: the Consumer Ombudsman's guidelines for companies on marketing and commercial activities in schools, educational institutions, and early childhood education and care; the Market Court prohibiting the procedure by which an online store withdrew the consumers’ right to cancel an online purchase; variation in compliance with the temporary interest ceiling on consumer credits; and a blog post on the topic of how better protection needed against illegal online content.

Read the newsletter here.