SERNAC Platform "Me Quiero Salir" has received more than 40,000 requests, since June 2020, to terminate telecommunications contracts

In June 2020 and, in the middle of one of the most difficult moments of the pandemic by Covid -19, SERNAC launched the Platform "Me Quiero Salir" -I want out-  a tool that aims to make it easier for consumers to terminate their contracts with companies.

The platform allows consumers to cancel contracts for telecommunications services within one working day. These services include telephony, internet, and cable TV. In the second stage of development, "Me Quiero Salir" will contemplate other markets such as general insurances, retail, and alarm services.

To date, 82% of consumers' requests ended in the cancellation of contracts, with VTR as the company that concentrates the most significant number of requests, followed by Movistar and Claro.

Among the users' arguments to end contracts are quality problems or not being able to pay because they ran out of work due to the pandemic.

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