Finnish Consumer Ombudsman's Newsletter 02|2020 - published

The second newsletter of the year by the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman summarises this year's events in which the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority has intervened in violations of consumer protection.

The newsletter addresses, among other things, negotiations between the Consumer Ombudsman and instant credit and debt collection companies, in which the Consumer Ombudsman required the companies to compensate consumers for unreasonable credit costs. Finally, the companies announced that they would compensate for the costs in full. The newsletter also describes the new means of supervision that the Consumer Ombudsman has at their disposal, as such methods were updated in July to meet today’s requirements.

2020 is marked by a global corona pandemic. The past year has been largely related to the coronavirus, also from the point of view of consumer protection supervision. The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the position of consumers, especially in tourism. The newsletter summarises the issues, from the perspective of tourism, that have been addressed this year under the supervision of the Consumer Ombudsman.

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