ICPEN partner agencies launch interactive site detailing international consumer scam reports

The 2019|2020 ICPEN Presidency Colombia, the Superintendency for Industry and Commerce, has today welcomed the launch of a new interactive dashboard to further enhance the delivery of ICPEN’s eConsumer (2001) initiative – providing data collection, analysis and reporting of international cross-border complaints, and facilitation of cross-border enforcement action. @ICPEN_est1992 members welcome the launch of this new tool, given its current focus on COVID-19 scams, during #FPM2020.

The new interactive dashboard, pictured below, allows users to search for data about complaints submitted directly by consumers via - a partnership of more than 35 consumer protection authorities that are members of ICPEN. Consumers can report cross-border complaints through the website and learn about alternative ways to resolve international disputes. The new dashboard includes information on top location data of consumers and companies, complaint categories, and reported monetary losses.


econsumer dash 2020